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Ordinary type radiant heating horizontal tempering furnace

Ordinary  type radiant heating horizontal tempering furnace

1. Into the piece of inching step: according to the glass size set automatically by the step length.
2. Automatic length-measuring: according to the glass piece size, determine the glass automatical ly in heating fumace and wind grating period of reciprocating stroke and cycle
3. The computer control system: high quality electrical components, friendly man-machine d alogue interface all process parameters can be modfied online. Different thickness of glass processing parameters use for
nputting, stoning. and transfering which in a form of the order.
4. The furnace heat preservation system adopts high quality thermal insulation material and specal heating structure to make distribution of fumace heats more uniform and energy consumption lower
5. Advanced hollow Shi Ying rollers (optional ) are adopted to reduce thermal deformation, reduce heat storage of shi Ying rods and reduce energy consumption 
6. Using special heat balance system, the temperature in the furnace is more uniform.
7.With high efficiency energy saving fan and variable frequency control technology, it will be more energy-saving
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