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 The essence of corporate culture is derived from the strict implementation of the corporate system. The enforcement or incentive of the system ultimately encourages the group to produce a certain behavior. The behavior of this group constitutes the corporate culture. The essence of corporate culture is deeply confirmed in Dongtangce's "One Word Solution of Corporate Culture", which also details the mechanism of corporate culture.
Corporate leaders have applied corporate culture to the role of “cultural change people” in enterprises to solve problems in modern enterprise management. Both enterprise management theory and corporate culture management theory pursue efficiency. However, the former regards people as objects in pursuit of efficiency, the latter applies the concept of culture to enterprises in pursuit of efficiency, and regards those with rich creativity as the center of management theory. This kind of guiding ideology is reflected in the management of enterprises, and there are various concepts that people call corporate culture.
Starting from the reality of corporate culture, conduct in-depth investigation and research, and grasp the essential relationship between various phenomena of corporate culture. Based on practical experience, we recognize rational understanding from perceptuality and carry out scientific summarization and summarization.
one. Corporate culture can motivate employees' sense of mission. No matter what company has its responsibility and mission, the sense of corporate mission is the goal and direction of all employees, and is the source of continuous development or advancement of the enterprise.
two. Corporate culture can condense the sense of belonging of employees. The role of corporate culture is to enable a group of people from different places to pursue the same dream through the refinement and dissemination of corporate values.
three. Corporate culture can enhance employees' sense of responsibility. Enterprises must use a large amount of information and documents to publicize the importance of employee responsibility. Managers must instill responsibility, crisis awareness and team awareness in all employees, so that everyone can clearly understand that the company is a common enterprise of all employees.
four. Corporate culture can give employees a sense of honor. Everyone must make more contributions in their own jobs, work areas, more achievements, and more pursuit of honor.
Fives. Corporate culture can achieve a sense of accomplishment for employees. The prosperity of a company is related to the survival of every company employee. If the company prospers, the employees will be proud of it. They will be more active and enterprising. The higher the glory, the greater the sense of accomplishment and the more obvious.

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