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What did the glass market experience in June?
In June, 560 tons of Qinhuangdao Yaohua Reconstruction Line and 500 tons of new production line of Benxi Fuyao Line in Liaoning Province simultaneously ignited the kiln; Qinhuangdao Yaohua Reconstruction Line 560 ton ignition kiln; Anhui Fengyang Glass Co., Ltd. second line 600 tons and Guangdong Yingde Hongtai The first line of 600 tons of melting furnace expired, and the water was cold repaired. The relocated Shandong Dezhou Kaisheng Jinghua 600-ton production line will also be re-launched in July.
Huadong Region
The overall trend of the glass spot market in East China is still weak, and the production enterprises try to increase the outbound and return funds, and the market confidence is not good. The current terminal market has limited demand for glass consumption, which restricts the enthusiasm of glass processing enterprises and traders to purchase glass, and basically purchases on demand. From the regional perspective, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other regions are slightly better than Luyu and other regions, and the factory inventory is basically normal. In areas such as Shandong, the pressure is too large. Zhejiang Fulai's production line for fire recovery has been produced normally. In the later period, the environmental protection requirements of manufacturers in Shandong and other regions will be more stringent, and increasing costs is a high probability event.
South China
Since April, the glass spot market in South China has been in a state of weak consolidation, and the spot price has been adjusted considerably. The South China Coordination Meeting, originally scheduled to be held on the 21st, was postponed because the manufacturers could not reach an agreement to reduce prices. Some large manufacturers released news, the price rose by about 20 yuan to boost market confidence, other manufacturers temporarily wait and see, mainly cautious.
North China
The overall trend of the glass spot market in North China is general, and the production enterprises basically maintain normal production and sales rates, and some manufacturers' inventory increases. The recent outflow of the Shahe area is general, and the inventory of production enterprises has increased. On the one hand, rainwater has affected the outbound speed of local manufacturers, and on the other hand, the price advantage of Shahe Glass has decreased after the price reduction in the surrounding markets. Therefore, some manufacturers have recently adopted measures such as increasing preferential measures to increase the amount of storage.

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