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The glass industry continues the weak season in the off-seas
At the end of June, the national average price of white glass was 1,618 yuan/ton, down 4 yuan from last week and up 116 yuan from last year. This month, the glass market continued to decline in the off-season market. The South China region was affected by factors such as the inventory clearance by manufacturers, and the price decline was relatively large. From a seasonal perspective, we judged that the peak season may be until the end of July.
In terms of production capacity, the production capacity was 93.42 million heavy boxes, an increase of 6.36 million heavy boxes last week, a decrease of 4.44 million heavy boxes compared with last year. Over the weekend, the industry stocks 32.53 million heavy boxes, an increase of 130,000 heavy boxes last week, a decrease of 1.02 million heavy boxes last year. This month Fuyao Benxi Glass Co., Ltd. first line 500 tons of new production line ignition; Qinhuangdao Yaohua transformation line 560 tons ignition kiln, Hebei Shahe Changhong Glass Co., Ltd. first line 600 tons ignition kiln, Anhui Fengyang glass second line 600 tons and Guangdong Ying Dehongtai first line 600 tons of melting furnace expired, water cooling.

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