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Glass regional price differentiation
Price: The national average glass price is 79.95 yuan / heavy box, down 0.07% on a week-on-week basis. East China and South China fell, and the northern region rose. Inventory: The glass inventory was 32.51 million heavy boxes, down 1.45% on a week-on-week basis. The inventory in North China, South China and Central China was obviously degraded. The national inventory days were 12.84 days, a slight decrease from the previous month. Cost end: The price of soda ash last week was 2,096 yuan / ton, down 0.05% from the previous month, but still at the recent high level; the price of petroleum coke and heavy oil was flat at 1410 yuan / ton and 2900 yuan / ton respectively. Capacity: The production capacity was 92.24 million heavy boxes, down 7.2 million heavy boxes; the actual capacity utilization rate was 86.38%, down 0.67pcts from the previous month. It is mainly due to the cold repair of 600 tons of melting furnaces in Anhui Fengyang Glass Second Line and Guangdong Yingde Hongtai First Line.
Short-term prices are subject to de-stocking, and the increase in cold repair capacity has eased the marginal pressure on supply, coupled with regional coordination and price hikes by manufacturers. It is expected that the stock will gradually stabilize as the stocks destock. The data on the completion of demand in May showed that although the marginal improvement was small, the demand for downstream real estate was still weak. Since the beginning of the year, the overall production capacity of the supply terminal was greater than that of the cold repair capacity. There was still some pressure on supply, and there was still a contradiction between supply and demand.

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