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China made "ultra-thin glass" thicker than A4 paper
Cao Xin, deputy director of the Functional Glass Research Institute of the China Building Materials Group, is taking his team to do the ball drop test of ultra-thin glass to test the performance of ultra-thin glass. Cao Xin placed 55 grams of steel balls at a height of one meter and freely fell to the ultra-thin glass. The impact force is equivalent to the impact of a family car hitting the wall at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, but the glass is intact. Lossless.
The thin, flapped glass in the steel ball has just been released in April 2018. The ultra-thin glass is only 0.12 mm thick. It is the thinnest glass produced in the world by the float process. Ultra-thin glass can withstand such a large impact, and it is no wonder that Cao Xin said that it is a stunning achievement in the world.
Ultra-thin glass refers to glass with a thickness between 0.1mm and 1.1mm. It is the core material of the electronic information display industry. It is used as the basic material for mobile phones, computers and TV displays. The thinner the glass, the better the light transmission performance. , flexibility, and weight will be reduced. From this we can see that 0.12 mm is indeed a very high level. Moreover, according to Deputy Director Cao, the institute is currently hitting ultra-thin glass of 0.1 mm or less. Once successful, China will lead the world in the field of ultra-thin glass.

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