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Shike’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Thanksgiving Change to
Ten years ago, I was in the spring and autumn. Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for ten years since the beginning of March 2007. It has experienced a period of development from small to large, from weak to strong: the staff team has only 5 people from the beginning of its establishment to 80 people today, and the scale of the factory. From the beginning of the establishment of 1200 square meters to the current 7,000 square meters, the cooperative enterprises from 0 to break through 200. The glory of Shike today depends on the joint achievements of all customers, partners and Shike employees.

Guest signing photo
Therefore, on the occasion of the tenth year of Shike in 2017, on March 25th, the grand celebration of the 10th anniversary of Thanksgiving was held, and sincerely thanked every family and friends who accompanied Shike. This is a festival of stars and moons. Nearly 200 people from the fields of glass original film, glass deep processing, glass machinery and equipment, walked through the red carpet and came to the main venue to send heartfelt blessings to Shike, just like this. In the past ten years, Shike’s growth has been accompanied. In addition, a number of mainstream media have also been invited to attend the event.

Speech by Chen Lin, Secretary General of Guangdong Glass Industry Association
In the opening speech, Chen Lin, secretary general of the Guangdong Glass Industry Association, said that the current glass industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. It is hoped that WorldCom will further increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation and promote the further intelligentization and refinement of the Shike tempering furnace. And the development of energy-saving direction, to meet the new needs of glass enterprises with higher quality and higher-end new products, thus achieving the new progress and new development of Shike

Speech by Zhang Jianheng, Secretary General of Guangdong Glass Chamber of Commerce
Zhang Jianheng, secretary-general of the Guangdong Glass Chamber of Commerce, mentioned in his speech that the price of glass in the previous year and last year was a historically low price, but in the fourth quarter of last year, there was a shortage of supply. It was a glass machinery manufacturer like Shike that saved the entire industry.

Speech by Huang Weicai, President of Shenzhen Anyi Chamber of Commerce
Huang Weicai, president of Shenzhen Anyi Chamber of Commerce, also congratulated Shike on its tenth birthday. Shike has developed from an obscure small factory to an industry pioneer. All this is hard to come by, and Shike will surely innovate again in the future.
Strategic release depicting a hundred-year blueprint
At the moment, society has entered a period of transformation and upgrading, and the advantages it has in the past are not equal to the advantages in the future. On this day, Shike ushered in the first decade, and with a mentality of worrying about peace, planning for the next decade, and setting a strategic plan for the achievement of the century-old World.
Yue Qinggong, the chairman of Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd., focused on four aspects to set the foundation for the company for a hundred years.

Yue Qinggong, Chairman of Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd. released a strategic speech
First, adhere to technological innovation and achieve product differentiation. Science and technology is the primary productive force. As a technology-based enterprise, Shike should pay more attention to technological innovation and innovation than any enterprise. In this decade, Shike products have undergone five renewals, technology has been continuously innovated, and product quality has been continuously improved. . In today's increasingly fierce competition, we must take the road of innovation, realize product differentiation, and make innovation a driving force for enterprises to achieve leap-forward development.
Second, adhere to the customer first, find and meet customer needs. Energy saving and consumption reduction has become a new demand for equipment for glass deep processing enterprises. In order to maintain strong market competitiveness, Shike products will continue to focus on energy efficiency, save costs and increase profits for customers, and create value by realizing customers. WorldCom's profit.
Third, to shape the corporate image, and build the Shike brand. The competition in the future is the competition of technological innovation, and it is the deep competition of corporate brands. In the future, Shike will build a corporate culture, brand culture, achieve technology leadership, brand is king, and ultimately increase market share.
Fourth, recruit talented people and adhere to the principle of talent-oriented. The competition in the future is the competition of talents. As the scale of the World Bank continues to expand, the issue of talents is becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the attraction of Shike and rationally introduce talents to provide a continuous driving force for Shike to excellence.
Forum dialogue Focus on industry hotspots
The development of the glass industry has never been a business. It requires the enterprises of the entire industrial chain to work together. The celebration invited the industry to come to a “talk show” to discuss and analyze the opportunities and challenges in their respective fields. Promote the industry's upward development.

Liu Wenzhao, General Manager of Guangdong Mingxuan Glass Co., Ltd.
Liu Wenzhao, general manager of Guangdong Mingxuan Glass Co., Ltd. said that in the process of industry development, enterprises should thank their competitors, because they have their own existence, they will not dare to neglect, they will work hard to catch up. The development of the glass industry depends on each company in the industry to respect each other and make progress together.

Shu Benchuan, General Manager of Dongguan Beihang Glass Co., Ltd.
Shu Benchuan, general manager of Dongguan Beihang Glass Co., Ltd. pointed out that courage to innovate and sincerity in cooperation are the key to success. The heart that dares to innovate is not old, the industry will always have a way out, the heart of sincere cooperation will remain the same, and products will be successful.

Ma Jiandong, Chairman of Suzhou Innovation Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Mr. Ma Jiandong, Chairman of Suzhou Innovation Ceramics Co., Ltd. also mentioned that to be a man, you must first balance the word “gains and losses”. Only with a big mind and a big pattern can the industry grow bigger and longer.
Awards, awards, thanksgiving
The development of the glass industry is inseparable from the promotion of enterprises, and the development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of the employees. Today’s Shike relies on the old employees of the founding of the company to expand their territory. World Heritage Awards, "They deserve it." There are also employees who have made great contributions to Shike and work hard in the workplace. They are the backbone of Shike and the most valuable asset of Shike. They have given wisdom and hard work. Shike will always be Keep in mind!

World Science 10th Anniversary Outstanding Staff Award

World Science 10th Anniversary Merit Award

World Science 10th Anniversary Award

Shike Chairman and the award-winning employees cut the cake and opened the champagne
I believe that every Shikee person will continue to devote all his enthusiasm to the creation of the Shike brand and write the most magnificent poems for the future of Shike.
Science and technology help the audience to celebrate inside and outside the stadium
This festival is full of excitement, elegant violin performance, acrobatic performances that symbolize Shike’s strength, dances that symbolize the gorgeous transformation of Shike’s dreams, the singing of the sought-after young singer Wang Yuhuan, and the performance of the popular band relax. The lottery of the people.

Shi Kegong, Chairman of Shike, and the audience "self-portrait"
In addition to these, it is undoubtedly the whole festival is full of strong scientific and technological atmosphere, the advanced technology throughout the entire festival, with the help of WeChat red envelope rain, video live broadcast and other technical means to promote exchanges and interactions between the stage and the stage, It has created a precedent for the entire industry, and also shared the joy of the 10th anniversary with colleagues and customers who have not been able to visit the site.

The first prize winners took the stage to receive the prize
In addition, the ceremony also held an unveiling ceremony for the inaugural issue of "Shikebao". This shows that WorldCom has sufficient internal strength and a good external environment. It has developed and expanded, and has considerable scale and heritage to make cultural connotations. Become the spiritual pillar of enterprise development.

"Shikebao" inaugural issue unveiled
Thousands of miles of hardships have been hard, and they have started to go to gold. Xiongguan Man Road is really like iron, but now it is moving from the beginning. Shike has gone through the first decade. There are still many years to experience in the century-old Shike. In the future, Shike is willing to cooperate with customers and partners to encourage each other and trust each other to face the new era. Opportunities and challenges.

Shike leadership and celebration planning executive unit new glass network big photo

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