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Review: Speech by Yue Qinggong, Chairman of the 10th Anniver
Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, friends, good evening everyone!
Thank you very much for taking the time to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of World Glass Technology Co., Ltd. to witness this moment of celebration.
Since the beginning of March 2007, Shike has been established for ten years. It has undergone a period of development from small to large: the staff team has only 5 people from the beginning of its establishment to 80 people today, and the scale of the factory has reached 1200 square meters from the beginning to the present. With 7,000 square meters and cooperation companies from 0 to 200, Shike has maintained a thriving development trend. Looking back on the past, we always remember the hardships at the beginning of the business. The rise and fall of every enterprise is not accidental. All the customers, partners and employees of Shike have made the world of today. Thank you all for being the witnesses of Shike. , accompanied by Shike together.
Tian Xingjian, the gentleman to self-improvement, Shike with the courage to go forward to practice this irresistible ancient training, deep cultivation of the field of glass machinery for ten years, in the rolling wave to win a place. But in the face of fierce market competition, this achievement is just a drop in the ocean.
At the moment, society has entered a period of transformation and upgrading, and the advantages it has in the past are not equal to the advantages in the future. This requires us to constantly review our current situation and understand the future development of the industry. How to consolidate the foundation, improve management, enhance technology, strengthen the brand, and seek more room for development. This is a question that all of us here need to think about, and it is also a major responsibility that the industrialists in our country cannot shirk. We must constantly improve ourselves, improve ourselves, develop ourselves, strengthen ourselves, and move toward higher and greater goals in order to have a way out!
Today, World Science has ushered in the first decade, and on this day, we have to set a strategic plan for the achievement of the century-old World.

Adhere to technological innovation and achieve product differentiation
Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Looking around the world today, wealth is increasingly gathering in countries and regions with technological advantages. Whoever has an advantage in technological innovation, whoever has the upper hand in development, now in some developed countries, technological innovation for economic development The contribution rate has reached 60%-80%. Scientific and technological innovation is so important to the development of the country, and it is also true for the development of enterprises. In particular, Shike itself as a technology-based enterprise should pay more attention to technological innovation and innovation than any enterprise, and insist on product-based.
In this decade, Shike products have undergone five renewals, from the initial radiant tempering furnace to the current air convection oven, and the high-end forced convection furnace has formed a series of products, ordinary radiant furnaces, air convection heating furnaces, Forced convection heating furnace, flat bending and other series of products, Shike technology continues to innovate, product quality continues to improve.
The development of the enterprise is like sailing against the water. If you do not advance, you will retreat. In the face of change, if we do not change or innovate, we will not be able to meet the changing needs, and what kind of opportunities cannot be grasped. We must take the road of innovation, realize product differentiation, let prices, quality, and services be more advanced, and have more advantages. We must have people without me, and people with me, so that innovation can become a driving force for enterprises to achieve leap-forward development.
In today's increasingly fierce competition, product differentiation can't stay on the verbal. To implement it, we must mobilize all positive factors, give play to the advantages of resources, constantly break through innovation, and do things that we and others have never done.
Adhere to the customer first, find and meet customer needs
No matter which industry a company is doing, it has been a large scale and its performance is outstanding. The reason behind it is not necessarily that the technology has developed too fast and has not kept up, but because it is “closed behind the door”, it has not grasped the market demand and failed to Customers provide more valuable products and services that are eventually eliminated by customers.
In the past ten years, our customers have provided valuable opinions and suggestions to Shike's products. After research and development and revision by our technicians, we have made Shike products more stable and easier to operate.
I believe that in the past two years, we have felt the pressure brought by environmental protection to the glass industry. Energy conservation and consumption reduction have become the new demand for equipment for glass deep processing enterprises. In order to maintain strong market competitiveness, we must put the needs of customers first. One, all technological innovations must be considered from the perspective of customers. In the past ten years, Shike has always been based on the business philosophy of “customer-oriented, customer satisfaction as the goal, and wholeheartedly serving customers”. In the future, Shike products will continue to strive for energy efficiency, for our Customers save costs, increase profits, and create WorldCom's profits by realizing the value of their customers.
Create a corporate image and build a strong brand
With the development of the times, the production capacity and competitiveness of enterprises depend not only on the production technology of enterprises, but also on the construction of corporate culture and the shaping of brand image. The competition in the future is the competition of technological innovation, and it is the deep competition of corporate brands.
Enterprise development must have both "hard power" and "soft power". Technology is hard power. Corporate image, goodwill, etc. As the intangible assets of enterprises, it is soft power, and it also determines the market competitiveness of enterprises. In the past, we only knew that we were buried. Hard work, in the future, we have another important task: to build a corporate culture, brand culture, achieve technology leadership, brand is king, and ultimately improve market share, and prepare for international competition.
Advocating talents and adhering to the principle of talent-oriented
The future competition is the competition of talents. Talents are the source of the development of WorldCom, but they are also the scarcest resources in 21st. The real bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises in the future is not only the lack of resources or the shortage of projects, but also the vacancies of talents.
In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scale of the World Bank, the issue of talent has become increasingly prominent. To solve this problem, we should start from several aspects: First, adhere to the principle of talent-based, strengthen the standard of employment with morality first; second, rationally introduce talents and enhance the attraction of the world; third, improve the material culture of employees The quality of life combines the value pursuit of employees with the vision of the company's development; the fourth is to focus on the cultivation of employees' mentality.
Shike is a vigorous enterprise. We should have a positive optimism, a firm self-confidence, a serious responsibility, and a gratitude. Only in this way can we walk out of the ordinary and toward excellence.
The road to enterprise development is destined to be flat and destined to be difficult. We are not afraid of difficulties because our dreams are firm and powerful! Today, we have already passed the first decade, and we have a hundred-year goal waiting for us to fight for it. We must create greater advantages in technology, service, brand, talent, etc., in order to live forever.
Aspirations are high, and they become a great cause; they are dreaming and moving forward. I am convinced that every Shikee person will become the driving force for the development of the company. With full enthusiasm, he will devote himself to the creation of the Shike brand and write the most magnificent poems for the future of Shike. Similarly, Shike is willing to work with all customers and partners to encourage each other and trust each other to face the opportunities and challenges brought by the new era. Thank you!


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