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Sudden situations and solutions in the operation of several
The production of tempered glass is a continuous process. The equipment of the tempering enterprise is basically operated 24 hours. If there are some unexpected events at this time, if it is not handled properly, it will seriously affect the normal production and operation of the enterprise. Today, the small series of Foshan Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has compiled the conditions that may be encountered in the production and processing of several tempered glass, and the corresponding solutions, and hope to help you to operate the tempering furnace.
Sudden situations and solutions in the operation of several tempering furnaces
1. Glass fryer: In the production process, especially thicker glass, glass will burst in the tempering furnace body. Shike glass technology reminds the tempering furnace operator here that once this situation is encountered, the main drive must be shut down immediately. Manually transport the glass out of the furnace. After the temperature has dropped, raise the furnace and check if there is any glass residue on the ceramic roller. If it is, it needs to be cleaned. (Be careful when cleaning, do not damage the ceramic roller. Road), to avoid glass scratches in subsequent production.
2, the main drive anomaly: the general original glass on the roller will experience the reciprocating operation of the heating section, through the forward movement of the section, until the lower stage. If the main drive abnormality is found through the observation window or the man-machine interface during the production process, the main drive needs to be turned off immediately, and the glass is first shipped out of the furnace for inspection. This kind of situation is generally caused by an encoder or chain abnormality. When troubleshooting the problem, you can focus on these two points.
3. Power outage: In the production process, if there is a power outage, the following method shall be taken: the glass shall be transported out of the furnace as soon as possible. If it is found that the glass adheres to the roller, it needs to be treated separately after the temperature of the furnace is lowered.
4. Now the control of the tempering furnace is basically computer control. Sometimes the computer may crash. In this case, the glass should be removed from the furnace immediately, the power is turned off, and the computer is restarted.
5, the heating system is abnormal: generally occurs when the heating control panel fails, causing the temperature to rise. At this time, it is necessary to turn off the power to open the cone valve and manually rotate the main drive to keep the ceramic roller rotating, and notify the maintenance personnel to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment.
6, the door is abnormal: if you encounter the failure of the furnace door to open (usually caused by air compressor problems), you should quickly climb the top of the furnace, open the furnace door with manpower, and at the same time raise the furnace body, manually operate the glass quickly Discharge and prevent the sticking furnace. If the existing glass adheres to the ceramic roller table, it needs to be treated separately after the temperature of the furnace is lowered.
The above is the situation that may be encountered in the production and processing of several kinds of tempered glass that Foshan Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has arranged for you, and the corresponding solutions. If you have any questions, please leave us a message, we will promptly You answer.

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