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Shike Steel Furnace is ranked among the top ten companies

Sponsored by Xinbo.com, Xinbo People, Xinbo Mall, Xinboyun Market, China Aluminum Door and Window Network, China Home Network Co., Ltd., the 2018 China Glass Top 100 Enterprise Awards after several months of voting and expert selection, finally in May On the 28th, the list of the final winners was announced. Foshan Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was listed in the “Top Ten Enterprises with Concerned Degrees” in 2018. More than 200 industry participants attended the show to witness the company’s crowning.

As the industry leader, Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd. takes "Quality First, Service First" as the enterprise development value, promotes the innovation and transformation of the enterprise, enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and introduces products with innovative thinking such as horizontal roller type flat/ Bending tempered glass production line, horizontal profiled hot-bending tempered glass production line, fully automatic vertical flat/bent tempered glass production line, fully automatic intelligent continuous hot bending glass production line, etc. are widely praised by the market; in the increasingly complex market competition, the business is continuously expanded. The extension of the industrial chain is promoted by extensions such as mode and layout key markets.
Facing the complicated domestic and international economic environment, Shike has conscientiously implemented the relevant national strategic deployment and industrial policies. The overall development of the company has been steadily progressing, and it has played an active role in supporting the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, improving quality and efficiency. The acquisition is deserved.
In these years, the glass industry as a whole has a structural overcapacity, and the competition in various segments is fierce. The market resources are further tilting toward the dominant enterprises. Only those with strong technical accumulation, sufficient financial support, rational market positioning and rapid response to the market can be in the future. In the fierce market competition, Shike always takes the quality first. In the future, it will strengthen process control and optimization, improve the construction of the entire industry chain, deepen the transformation of product technology and technology, and win the market with strong strength. Since the beginning of this year, China's glass industry has generally shown a steady and good development trend. WorldCom will continue to innovate and actively explore and work with other top 100 enterprises to realize the "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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